It is not going to cause a systemic failure of the financial system.

This bout of risk aversion should present opportunities for us to get into trades

This proves that really, statisticians are generally paid to compile lots of data and then make a random guess.

Despite the relative calm of the market, several sectors are going gangbusters.


It is OK to admit you don’t know

It is as the Federal Reserve has been telling us all along

That should begin to happen towards the end of the year…

A sign that demand is outpacing supply and the demand is real.

What’s telling is that ECB President Lagarde stressed that “the lady is not tapering” and it’s just a recalibration of an emergency measure.


What to do during quiet markets?

Hidden within the deception of the average is the outperformance of the superstars

Markets suffered a flash crash with Bitcoin dropping almost 20% from above 52k to touch a low of 42k ish.

TrackRecord Trading

Bringing Wall Street to Main Street

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